Sabina Fusaro is a passionate native tutor specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners. She boasts a long  and intense activity as a teacher of Italian as a second language.

In 1998  she founded  her own school ( Mediterraneo Srl /Ltd , Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Mediterraneo, Roma ) combining her entrepreneurship in education  with her  tutoring  until 2017.

Since 2018 she’s been  working  as a free lancer teacher  in her location , in the centre of Rome, in Monti area, at the client’s premises or remotely.

Being a free lancer with a VAT number (Sabina Fusaro  P.IVA 14627121008) she can  work with her own clients or  be contracted with other Schools and Universities, Companies, ONGS and Embassies.

She can work by herself or collaborating with other free-lancers or hire other teachers.

She developed her teaching expertise in this specific domain through  over thousand  of hours spent in class with international students.

Furthermore through entrepreneurship in education she learned how to create  value and to ensure her services are unique enough to stand out in the crowd.

As an expert teacher Sabina….

  • makes careful plans, but remains flexible
  • makes connections between subjects of the study
  • is able to adjust  teaching during  interactive instruction
  • makes responsive planning after learning about student’s interests and needs.
  • can inspire students to become engrossed in learning
  • can motivate students to participate and focus, and even bring introverted students out of their shells.


She is  highly motivated, extremely experienced and  flexible.


As a free lancer she operate as her own business.She is a self-employed  and reliable person who pays her own taxes.